If you yearn thrill of adventure and are experienced diver, these are the dive sites for you. There is immense richness and diversity in the marine life dwelling here. Gili Mimpang is generally acknowledged as one of the best places to see sharks in Bali, and is also known as Shark Point. Mola Molas are very often spotted at Gili Tepekong between September and October, enjoying being carefully cleaned by smaller fish.

Distance from Zen Dive Bali: 10 to 15 minutes by a traditional Balinese boat
Water temperature: 19° – 29° C
Visibility: 15 – 25 meters
Average dive time: 45 minutes
Current: Mild to Strong
Diver level: Expert only
Marine life: White tip sharks, tuna, turtles, batfish, mola mola, sweetlips, butterflyfish, bannerfish, unicornfish, blue spotted stingrays, triggerfish, moray eels…

This area offers some of the most impressive diving in Bali. Great walls, the canyon, strong currents coupled with superb corals and marine life make this dive site for experienced divers only. It attracts big schools of sweetlips and jacks, big groupers, sharks, and pelagics like molas. A wide variety of conditions make Gili Tepekong Mimpang and Biaha  very interesting, similar to Penida. Advanced diving is always a challenge, and the chances of seeing deep-sea pelagics are quite high; this is not a sheltered coastal area, so anything may happen!

During diving at Gili Tepekong Mimpang and Biaha there is no shore access in the surface interval and we supply water, lunch is served after the dives on Zen Dive Bali ocean view terrace. The boat ride can be choppy depending on a weather conditions and we dont hit dry land for lunch so prepare for a few hours on the boat and bring sun lotion and a hat