You are on the street and witnessing some minor or even major accident. What will you do? This course gives you the right approach to exactly this kind of life situations. And guess what? You don`t even need to be a diver to enrol it.



Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in lay rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. You will learn how to simple follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a nonstressful learning environment. Emergency First Response courses also have widespread international acceptance.



Emergency First Response course has 3 sections – Primary Care, Secondary care and Care for Children. All sections are supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you start learning right away. Students are given as much practice as necessary to master and retain these skills.

Primary Care (CPR) teaches you the steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies. You will practice eight skills for aiding patients who aren’t breathing, have no heartbeat, may have a spinal injury, may be in shock or who may have serious bleeding. You will learn CPR and monitor the patient lifeline, so that you provide every possible chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.
Secondary Care (First Aid) – many medical conditions are not life-threatening and emergency medical services are sometimes delayed or unavailable, this course teaches you how to provide first aid that eases pain and reduces the risk of further harm. Learn to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses and practice bandaging and splinting!
Care for Children teaches you emergency care skills specific to helping infants and children with medical emergencies. It’s very useful for those who work with children or are likely to have to respond to emergencies involving youngsters.

EFR Refresher – It’s a good idea to refresh your CPR and first aid skills every 24 months, and that is what the EFR Refresher course is designed to do. Focusing on key skills, the course allows you to stay up-to-date and ready to lend aid when needed.



Well, now, Emergency First Response course will not take you away from our beautiful oceanfront dive centre, literally. But in our imagination we will travel to many, many different places creating realistic scenarios and playing through them to improve approaches to diverse possible life situations.



EFR courses meet the CPR and first aid training requirements for the PADI Rescue Diver course and all professional-level ratings. Most PADI Instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructors. So what you waiting for? We also offer Emergency First Response Instructor Courses, which will give you ability to train other people, and you don`t even need to be a diver. Help others and earn some extra money beside!


  • Anyone who is interested in acquiring or updating CPR and first aid skills can join


  • Mannequin Little Anne
  • First Aid kit
  • Emergency First Responder Manuals and video
  • Renewed and insured PADI Instructor
  • Lunch, water, coffee, tea


  • Smile and sense of adventure
  • Will to learn