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zen manta ray gliding in the cleaning station at rama reef

Zen Manta Ray

January 26, 2016

Zen Manta Ray, a new manta to the area, has been discovered in the most amazing place ever – Rama reef, our house reef, just few meters in front of Zen Dive Bali in Candidasa.

Jacob, our Divemaster Trainee at that time, and Michael soon to be Rescue Diver, went for a fun dive and luckily had a camera with them. It was mid-September and somewhat busy time so when they invited me to join, I thought it will be much more interesting staying in the office…how silly!

They came back an hour later with biggest smiles on their faces – they have seen a manta ray! It did its elegant dance only for them, for over 20 minutes. Glided beautifully exposing its wing to their maximum span. Priceless experience!

zen manta ray graciously gliding

This January we have presented images to our friends in Lembongan – Marine Megafauna Indonesia and got an answer that our manta ray is the new boy in the hood! This young, male manta has not been spotted elsewhere before.

You may do the same by uploading your manta images on and discover where else has been your manta spotted and help us learn more on manta`s secret life. If you have never seen one, join us and dive at Manta point, Nusa Penida. Great spot to see manta rays, usually more than one!

perfect ID shot of zen manta ray

Now the best news is that our manta has been named after us, we are proud to announce that now manta ray named Zen is cruising around Indonesian waters. Have a look at this video and if you see Zen manta ray somewhere, please do let us now. We feel as proud parents and would like to know whereabouts of our lil Zen manta boy! To that extent that if you send us a photo of Zen manta ray, with its markings as explained in, or similar to the photo above, together with a name of the dive site, date and time – we offer you a free dive with Zen Dive Bali. That`s how curious parents we are!

You may name manta as well, and not only that – by adopting Manta ray with Marine Megafauna you will give support manta research, you will be able to personally select your manta, name it, and will receive high quality images of it!

There is not much known on manta rays, and yet they are cruising the Oceans for a very long time. Read more on them at Plos One

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