Shark Stanley and his friends swimming freely as they should

Shark Stanley and Friends Need Your Help!

September 4, 2016

Shark Stanley is a grassroots, youth driven shark & ray conservation campaign that has reached over 10 000 young people in more than 150 countries!


Shark Stanley

They began the campaign as a group of students from the Yale School of Forestry, and grew to a coalition of over 50 organizations.

Our aim is to push decision makers at CITES to vote for increased protection of sharks and rays via more stringent international trade regulations.

They will do this by working together to bring powerful, unified voices of young people calling for change to the international stage.

This year’s campaign centers around the existing Shark Stanley character, a charismatic little hammerhead traveling the world, with his new friends Mobula Ray, Thresher Tala, and Silky Shark – three species that are up for critical protection at CITES this year. They are currently circulating the attached cut-outs, asking people (especially youth…and the young at heart!) to cut them out and take a photo with him. In that way a creative petition will be generated that goes beyond the traditional letter approach to be  hand delivered to key decision-makers at CITES in South Africa, using these photos as unique petition “signatures.”

Shark Stanley friend Mobula Ray

Last CITES, Shark Stanley had incredible success, and collated over 10 000 photos from 135 countries! With the help of social media and partner support, Shark Stanley is aiming to amplify youth voices from around the world at CITES once again, while building meaningful connections between young people and the cause through their shared adventures with Shark Stanley and friends.

You can make a change and become a partner in this “crime”. Help to spread the word in your country: if you help collect photos locally of your team, friends, family and contacts, post this on your social media platforms, send on your email lists and possibly do a short blog, that would be amazing.

Have a look here for some examples of our Shark Stanley campaign.

Download and cut out here your favorite character from Shark Stanley`s friends, or even all of them, and start making some cool selfies, head-shots, or any kind of creative image of your colleagues and friends. While uploading at social media,make sure to tag them as #SharkStanley @SharkStanley

And this is not all! There is even a Free Children`s book that you may download  in 8 Languages, together with many Shark Stenley Lesson Plans that go hand in hand.

Shark Stanley Lesson PlanShark Stanly Lesson Plans for Older Kids

Lots of fun for kids and grown ups! For more creative folks there are available cut outs of Shark Stanley and his friends Mobula Ray, Thresher Tala, and Silky Shark that you may color and give life to.

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