pink pigmy seahorses are hiding in pink gorgonias


August 15, 2015

Emergency First Response course is intended not only for divers, but for any individual keen to learn more on helping people in emergencies. Why is it beneficial to do EFR course? We often tend to think that in an emergency only doctor or medical personnel can help. But what about those moments until professionals arrive? ...

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George(ina) – the turtle at The Liberty shipwreck

August 4, 2015

One of the often visitors to The Liberty shipwreck, the very famous dive site, is a turtle. After seeing it almost every time we were diving the shipwreck, we finally decided to name it - George!

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Holistic health through scuba diving

May 21, 2015

A new path way to holistic well-being whilst discovering the exotic beauty of the underwater world. Learn and adopt effective and deep breathing, easy meditation and gentle exercise and this with healthy nutrition, confront ills of modern lifestyles

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inBali. presents Zen

April 11, 2015

Built on sacred grounds that overlooks green planes crawling towards the ocean, Zen Resort honours its calm setting in every fine detail. An array of soul-healing spa treatments and a menu of world class dosha balancing meals make this one of the most authentic Ayurvedic retreats in South-East Asia. Without sacrificing the grounded and wholesome roots of the ancient Indian traditions, Zen feels like a lavish escape fit for Balinese royalty.

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A Step into the Unknown

January 11, 2015

The first step into the unknown was done, Nina and I were on the plane heading to Indonesia where neither of us had been before. Our goal, to dive together as a couple. To do this Nina needed to become a certified PADI Open Water diver and I needed to take a refresh course, as it had been five years since my last dive in Aruba.

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Safe & Happy New Year

December 30, 2014

We were thinking what would be the best present to all Zen Dive Resorts divers and finally after a lot of brainstorming we found the right gift. Our wish is to give you enjoyable and safe dives in next 2015 year, and many years to come. Therefore we are giving FREE INSURANCE to all the divers joining ...

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Shark Challenge

December 27, 2014

The Candidasa area is very well known for being in the heart of Bali`s best dive sites. It is easy to reach Tulamben and the famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck, or Amed and Manta Point. But the closest dive sites to the Candidasa area are more intriguing for experienced divers. These waters are said to be ...

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Jingle bells, jingle bells!!!

December 21, 2014

It is again festive season and although in tropics we feel the spirit of it too! So after celebration is over and you wish to start a New Year in a very special way, join our Festive Dives at Manta Point on January 2nd. In that way you have time to sober up your spirit ...

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Rama Reef News

December 1, 2014

Not so long ago, we realized that soon we would have a new inhabitant on our reef – a new generation of cuttlefish! While we were out fun diving, we bumped into a pack of some 5 cuttlefish depositing their eggs in between the coral. All we have to do now is sit and wait for them to grow a bit before we get the chance to chase them for some photos.

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Zen Honeymoon

November 15, 2014

This beautiful video memory is produced by our guest Ben, who has visited Zen Dive Bali twice this year. On his second we had a chance to meet Vicky, Ben`s wife, since that was their honeymoon.

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