balis best dive sites are even prettier because of silver batfhish

Secret Bay

Another macro lover's dream, this dive site is located at Gilimanuk Bay, on the northwest corner of Bali. Secret Bay is home to a large amount of interesting and rare creatures, including a large amount of  juvenile fish and interesting crustaceans.  Be sure to bring your camera!

  • ghostpipefish is not the easiest fish to be photographed

Distance from Zen Dive Resort: 1 hour by a car
Water temperature: 24° to 27° C
Visibility: 5 – 15 meters
Average Dive time: 60 – 75 minutes
Current: None to Mild
Diver Level: Beginner – particularly good for macro photographers
Marine Life: Seahorses, frogfish, scorpion fish, a variety of ghost pipefish, dragonet, nudibranch, mantis shrimp

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