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Bali`s Best Dive Sites

Discover entire Bali while diving with Zen Dive Resorts! We can take you from Menjangan all the way to Manta Point at Nusa Penida.

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Whether you are a certified diver or have never been diving before, come and experience the best of Bali’s beautiful underwater paradise and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with our unique Zen Harmony Diving packages.

With our strategicaly located PADI Five Star Resorts we cover all the Bali`s best dive sites. All the famous dive sites in north Bali are accessible from Zen Dive Resort Bali situated in Seririt. Some of the highlights are Puri Jati – well known macro dive site, where mimic octopus has found its hideout. Menjangan Island is surrounded by the most beautiful coral reefs in Bali, rich with marine life.

East Bali dive sites are accesible from Zen Dive Bali in Candidasa, the heart of best Bali`s dive sites. Nearby are not one but two oceans – Pacific and Indian ocean which unite and create unique biodersity. There are places known for manta rays gliding over almost daily. Just few minutes away from our PADI Five Star Dive Resort is a dive site named The Shark Point and also some of the most exilirating dives at Gili Mimpang, Gili Tepekong and Gili Biaha.

USAT Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben is in between our two dive resorts and accessible from either. Some of the best early morning or night dives happen at this shipwreck that got pushed into the ocean when last time volcano Agung erupted. Night dives here are the closest to feeding frenzy with massive groupers coming out from the wreck and hunting helped by diver`s lights. Very often they encounter other hunters, like giant moray eels, when the battle for the prey starts.

We also offer Bali safari`s, the best way to explore entire Bali, above and underwater. Experience the Bali`s best dive sites and the beauty of historical landmarks with Zen Harmony Diving organized tour combining diving, yoga, meditation and ayurveda. This type of safaris start each Monday, join us!