one of zen yoga teachers is excibiting underwater yoga pose on one of the east bali all inclusive holiday packages


August 16, 2016

Ayurveda Yoga Scuba Diving are born out of breath and movement, and essentially complementary. Both yoga and diving encourage you to enter into a meditative state of mind, bring awareness to your breath, and be completely present in the moment. Diving is a form of moving meditation, where you float weightlessly and silently, focusing only on your breath and the present moment. This allows you to relax completely and experience a powerful connection with nature at its best.

for all levels of divers and yogis Zen Harmony Diving program


Our human body consists of 60% fluid, the majority of it being water. Our composition makes it very easy for humans to adapt to a water environment and by effect of buoyancy it releases us from the earth’s gravity. Breathing air connects us to the surface. Like dolphins and whales, we need to resurface to fill our lungs with fresh oxygen which is essential to our bodily functions. Our lungs differ from those of the dolphins and whales in that they are smaller and we need to breathe more frequently. That being said, there is still an important healing effect of being submerged in water.
Zen Harmony Diving will help one recover from tension and stress; bringing them back to the place they were before they were born.

Ayurveda Yoga Scuba Diving fusion

Zen Harmony Diving philosophy will teach you the techniques and approach and mindset that will help you to go back to “the now” and your inner self; floating in water, without weight, just enjoying the beautiful, precious underwater world.

The Zen Harmony Diving program consist of 3 stages

  1. Pre-dive
  2. Dive
  3. Post-dive

We will slowly reveal all the aspects of our beautiful Zen Harmony Diving program, stay tuned and follow up!

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