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Zen Dive Bali has taken a pledge to Adopt A Dive Site with Project Aware

Adopt A Dive Site With Project Aware

May 21, 2016

Zen Dive Bali has taken a pledge Adopt A Dive Site with  That means that we will dive every month at the same dive site and report debris collected from it to Project Aware database. Check out Dive Against Debris map showing debris collected from underwater all over the world

Let`s take few steps back and first understand why do we even need such a thing?

Marine debris is the rubbish of our everyday lives,  it travels over land, down streams, rives and storm drains to the ocean. It can drift thousands of miles leaving a wake of destruction in its path. Every year, debris kills thousands of marine animals and sea birds, chokes coral reefs, smothers critical enviroments and contaminates our beaches and recreatin sites. Better information about sources and impacts is extremely important to drive changes in infrastructure and waste management policies. Who is responsible? All of us. Together we can help prevent and clear up this mess for a clean healthy ocean planet.

In September 2014 Zen Dive Bali has started Plastic Free Oceans event, together with Alila Manggis Resort. Every 28th in the month we organize a presentation for Alila guests and staff, and we organize an underwater cleanup at Alila Uunderwater Garden, yet another of our projects.

Zen Dive Bali has taken a pledge to Adopt A Dive Site with Project Aware

We have now united efforts with Project Aware and taken this to the next level by taking a pledge Adopt A Dive Site. We pledge to carry out monthly Dive Against Debris surveys, reporting each month from Alila Underwater Garden. We already use steel bottles on our dive trips instead of plastic bottles and we support Trash Hero Candidasa with the scope of encouraging our community of divers to take action on rubbish through personal commitment.


Interested to take a pledge yourself? It is easy, just follow the guidelines from Project Aware website and become an activist.

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